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Dreams – Find out more

All human beings on the planet dream, no exceptions. In just one night of sleep, the same person can have several different dreams, or even the same dream throughout that night.

Human beings dream, on average, about ninety minutes during sleep. But this time can vary because there are people who spend more than two hours dreaming in a single night's sleep.

Levando em conta esses cálculos e também algumas variações, um ser humano fica  até 6 anos de sua vida sonhando. O fato é que muitas vezes sonhamos e não somos capazes de lembrar. Veja mais curiosidades sobre os sonhos

Curiosities about dreams

As mentioned before, we spend most of the night dreaming. This can lead to 4 to 7 different dreams throughout the night. But more than 90% of dreams are forgotten as soon as we wake up

However, there are days when we wake up with the memory of the dream very clear in our minds. Sometimes we even feel the same sensations as in the dream, even though we are awake.

The meaning of dreams is not always simple to understand. This is because they are not always clear and logical. You must have dreamed of such random things that you couldn't even understand, right?


importance in psychology

Some psychologists use the interpretation of dream meanings in therapeutic processes of analytical psychology. Widely used by several professionals, it is directly linked to:

De acordo com as idéias implantadas pelos dois, os sonhos podem ser considerados uma espécie de mensagem. Elas são enviadas pelo nosso inconsciente  e podem servir de ponte para manter uma mente sã e equilibrada.

Obtaining more information about the functioning of the mind, we can treat the meaning of dreams in different ways. Thus, we can improve some behavioral characteristics.

Dreams meaning

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