Points Programs - Find out how this Benefit Works


Brazil is among the Latin American countries that most use credit cards. He is a great ally for those who manage to control expenses and practically do not use cash when leaving home. And now what its use can have advantages in points programs.

If you are not a controlled person, you run the risk of being scared by the invoice at the end of the month, after all, we don't see the money going away while using the credit function.

Fortunately, there are people who have already learned how to deal with credit card pranks. Today they benefit much more than they suffer from it, and it is for these people that point programs exist.


programa de pontos
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What are points programs?

The points program is a service offered by the card operator or banks, including American Express, Citibank, Credicard, Itaú, Bradesco, Santander, Banco do Brasil, Caixa and others, for customers who have a certain purchase frequency.

This type of service serves to build customer loyalty, keep him as a customer who will always use that card because he trusts and benefits from it. The more the card usage of that specific operator, the more rewards the customer will have.

To make the most of your benefits and not lose money, we have listed five points programs for you to choose from and exchange for products, services, discounts or even miles.

Benefits of points programs

The logic of points programs is simple, but many people lose their benefits due to lack of information or laziness to enroll in the programs.

The first step is to find out which point program is linked to your card and register to use it. When you make purchases with your credit card, points are generated and when you reach a certain score, you can exchange them for a product.

The most common products are home appliances and electronics, such as blenders, mixers, fans, electric ovens, etc. Clothes and shoes also make the list. It all depends on the partner store.


There is the possibility of deducting your points in the form of a discount even if you do not have the required total score for that product.

For example, the product you want 'costs' 30,000 points, but you only have 15,000, depending on the points program it is possible to generate a discount with the points you have, this can be for a product, or service, such as restaurants and cinemas .

Finally, the miles come in. Many card operators and banks have partnerships with airlines, and this makes it possible for you to exchange your accumulated points for a ticket.

All these benefits guarantee you good savings over the months, since all you had to do was use your credit card normally.

What are the points programs?

It's not difficult to find a points program regardless of your current credit card, just check the operator, bank or card brand.

●    Mastercard Surprise

If you have any brand card, whether debit, credit or prepaid, you can now register for the Mastercard Surpreenda program. The program has partnerships with stores such as Vivara, Swarovski, Outback, Pizza Hut, Localiza, among others.

●    IUPP

The itaucard that had the Semper Presente program recently migrated to the IUPP. The program has a long list of beauty products, home items, electronics, wines and more to exchange points. Partnerships with stores such as Natura, Drogaria São Paulo and Unidas guarantee discounts on the final value of your purchases.

●    dotz

Dotz is one of the most popular points programs, especially for those who like to travel because it is possible to exchange miles. It is not necessary to have a specific bank credit card. Therefore, after registering, you can earn points on purchases at stores such as Americanas, Amazon and Netshoes and exchange them for various products.

●    NuBank Rewards

If you opted for a less traditional card, and chose Nubank's roxinho, you can also take advantage of the points from purchases on the card.

Every 1 real spent on Nubank Rewards is equivalent to 1 point and they do not expire. They also have a partnership with Smiles, another miles program, so if you use them a lot, you can also save on your plane ticket.

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