SUVs - Find out which are the most problematic


The SUV car market (sports utility vehicle) has been widely accepted in the domestic and world markets. Cars that can be used on mixed routes, for those who like to walk on asphalt, but also enjoy venturing into waterfalls, forests, etc. But let's talk about the most problematic SUVs on the market.

However, there are some models that are real lasagna, such as sensitive mechanics, expensive maintenance and several chronic construction problems. These problems have brought great inconvenience to unsuspecting buyers.

Let's create a list of SUVs that are real punctures here. We are not going to address issues such as performance, trunk, finish. The focus will be greater on mechanical issues and chronic defects.


So let's go to the list of the biggest bombs when it comes to SUV

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Ford EcoSport with powershift transmission

É um belo carro com baixo valor, completo, bonito, mas tem um detalhe que pode te levar à ter uma grande dor de cabeça. O câmbio powershift da Ford, que compõe o conjunto deste carro, apresenta constantes problemas, inclusive teve sua garantia estendida pela Ford.  De qualquer forma, se for o carro com câmbio manual, você não terá grandes problemas.

Renault Captur 2.0 with automatic transmission

This car was launched in Brazil in 2017. It is a beautiful car, with a well-designed exterior and interior, although the interior finishes and materials leave something to be desired.

But the biggest problem of this car is also in the exchange. The car is equipped with the famous and poorly spoken AL4 exchange, which has already equipped other cars of the brand, and already has its history of being problematic and unreliable.

There are also Duster with this same configuration, but Captur being a newer project, they should have invested in a better and less problematic exchange. It's a shame because the Captur is a beautiful car.


 Lifan X60

This car, which had its versions arriving in Brazil in 2013, has a low cost and is a beautiful car. It is complete, beautiful, has good internal space, comfortable. It cannot even be considered a bomb, but the most relevant issue is that Lifan practically left Brazil.

So the biggest problem to maintain this car is the difficulty of finding parts in the market. Due to this difficulty, it is necessary to make adaptations, which everyone knows is not a perfect and reliable thing, right?

volvo xc90

It's a great looking car and in Brazil it was even considered a luxury car, different from abroad. It is a well-finished, imposing, luxurious vehicle by Brazilian standards.

The big issue that discredits the car is that you can't find more parts on the market for this older version. Only in dismantling and look there.

It's an undervalued car, easy to buy, but don't fall into that temptation because to keep it, you'll have to sell the car to pay for its repair lol.

Chevrolet Captiva

When it was launched, it was a car of great refinement and much desired. It cost around R$100,000. It has good interior space, good finishing and is really a much desired SUV.

The big issue is the 4-speed automatic transmission. It is a problematic exchange also due to the size of the car. Another worrying thing is that if there is a problem, it is very expensive to fix, and it can be a very unpleasant surprise.

Land Rover Evoque

This is an SUV that won over the playboys. It is a really beautiful, well-equipped, luxurious car that makes a statement. A temptation to acquire because the older versions are well undervalued.

The first versions had many problems in the electrical part, as the car has several sensors. Maintenance is proportionate to the refinement of the car, not its current value. So if you want to pay rich, prepare your pocket to keep it, because it really can have two joys, one in the purchase and the other in the sale.

Porsche Cayenne

This is a really talked about SUV. Who wouldn't want a Porsche ne? It is a car that today is in values that can be bought. It's a Porsche, so you can expect great workmanship, luxury, and a lot of on-board technology.

However, the Achilles heel is precisely in technology. The car has many sensors and has very fragile electronics, with constant problems.

Despite being a low-cost vehicle today, its maintenance is still proportionate to a Porsche. Any basic maintenance, easily reaches 10 thousand reais. So if you have the dream of having a Porsche in the garage, prepare your pocket, as it can bring you many unpleasant surprises.

Land Rover Discovery 3 V6 Turbo

Another wonderful car that even today still seems like a rich car is this Land Rover. The car really has an impeccable, luxurious finish, well-sized engine and gearbox and is very beautiful.

But as not everything is flowers, we have an important issue to mention. Any basic maintenance that is done on this car, it is necessary to remove the bodywork. This makes labor costs very expensive. Just to remove the body, the labor can reach 5 thousand reais.

Parts are also very expensive, and she has constant turbo problems. So be careful and think carefully before buying one of these, as it can keep you up at night.

That was our short list of the most problematic SUVs on the market, which despite having a low purchase cost, can really break you down. I hope you liked it. For more articles on miscellaneous subjects, browse our Tips category. Hug to everyone.