Anabolics - Discover their Dangers and Effects


With bodybuilding being one of the most practiced activities in Brazil, according to research by the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of Campinas, it is common to find people who want to get faster results, and who do everything to make it happen. So that makes people resort to anabolic steroids.

Bodybuilding promotes caloric expenditure, and especially increased muscle mass. Many people, wanting to get these results faster, resort to the use of anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids, or anabolic steroids, are indicated by doctors for other functions as well, but their irresponsible use can pose serious health risks. Their irregular trade in gyms and training centers makes the danger even greater.


The cult of the perfect body leads to the excessive use of anabolic steroids, which can lead to death. If you want to know what are the effects and dangers of anabolic steroids, continue reading this article.

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What are anabolics?

The anabolic is nothing more than a synthetic drug, that is, made in the laboratory and not natural, which helps in the growth of body tissues, including bone and muscle tissue. It is mostly used by men for muscle hypertrophy.

Generally the anabolic formula is derived from testosterone. Testosterone is a male sex hormone responsible for regulating libido and muscle mass, in this article we explain some of its effects on the body and how to obtain it naturally.

Its indication by doctors occurs only in very specific cases, such as a critical hormonal deficiency or even helping in the treatment of breast cancer in women, it all depends on the method that the specialist chooses.

What are the effects?

The administration of the substance is carried out through direct injections into the muscle or pills. They travel through the bloodstream, pass through the liver and their target is the muscles of the arms, torso and legs.

There, its purpose is to make the body send more water and protein to the cells where the anabolic is located, making them bigger. They also accelerate metabolism and cell regeneration.


All anabolic steroids have their own load of side effects and should be strongly considered before using the drug. These effects are monitored and even controlled if they are anabolic steroids prescribed by doctors.

Among the side effects are increased acne, disturbances in liver function, increased blood pressure and even psychological effects such as mood swings and aggressive behavior.

Dangers of anabolic steroids

The use of anabolic steroids without prescription and continuously brings countless health risks. Side effects are expected reactions. The irresponsible use of the substance brings so many risks that can lead to death.

In men, the inconsequential use of anabolic steroids can cause effects contrary to what is desired, such as breast enlargement, testicular atrophy and decreased libido. In women, the deepening of the voice and reduction of the breasts.

Cardiovascular Risks

There is still a risk of even more serious illnesses. The vascular area is one of the areas that can suffer the most. The heart can create fibrosis, which is the exaggerated development of tissue, and interfere with the passage of blood, consequently causing heart attacks.

Increased cholesterol can also happen. The body produces more LDL, bad cholesterol, concentrating more fat in the blood and making it difficult to pass through the vessels, further increasing the chances of heart attack.

Liver and cancer risks

The liver is one of the organs that suffers the most in case of irregular use of medicines. Substances are processed or metabolized in it. Both in the case of anabolic steroids and any other drug used in excess.

This substance overload can cause liver damage or even organ failure, which in the worst case helps to develop cirrhosis or even cancer.

Risks of contracting viruses

This risk is associated with sharing syringes that often occur in gyms. Whoever uses this type of anabolic administration in the body has generally been influenced by a group. It is not uncommon for this group to inject the substance together. Needles and syringes are used and shared among a group. This increases the likelihood of infection with HIV, hepatitis and other viruses.

Risks of anabolic steroids in adolescence

In addition to all the risks already mentioned, the use of anabolic steroids can bring even more serious dangers to young people and adolescents. As the body has not yet completed its full development, growth may be affected, early sexual development and bone maturation may be accelerated.

If you want to develop a strong and healthy body, don't resort to drugs like steroids. This type of substance carries serious risks and is nothing more than a shortcut that will not last and can leave your body even worse than when you started using it.

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