Cortisol - Discover the importance of this hormone for the body?


Cortisol is an extremely important hormone for the functioning of the body and maintenance of life. It is secreted by the adrenal gland after receiving stimuli from the pituitary, which is the gland that controls the other hormonal glands.

Since it is produced in the cortex of the adrenal gland, it is included in the group of corticoid hormones. Cortisol then is a glucocorticoid as it commands blood glucose rates. It is important to understand that keeping sugar levels at normal levels is of utmost importance.

As opposed to insulin, which lowers blood glucose, hyperglycemic hormones such as cortisol are responsible for raising glucose levels to ideal and healthy levels. They act when our organism goes into stress.


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What are the risks of increased cortisol in the body

Cortisol is extremely important, as it is produced when our body needs energy, when it enters a state of prolonged stress, this intense production of cortisol in the body can be harmful.

This hormone acts by raising glucose levels in the body, insulin acts to compensate for this excess sugar. This can lead to weight gain, accumulation of visceral fat, weakening of bones and muscles, hypertension, among other harms.

So when cortisol is in very high amounts, it ends up causing a metabolic mess. It acts directly on the metabolism of carbohydrates, but ends up influencing the metabolism of fats and proteins.

Cortisol and its medical use

Cortisol is a hormone that in larger amounts is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic. It is used as a medicine to treat allergic and inflammatory diseases.

Chemically modified to be used as a medicine, cortisone is widely used as an immunosuppressant in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, among others. Medicines such as prednisone, dexamethasone, beclomethasone, among others, are based on cortisone.

Therefore, the prolonged use of these immunosuppressants end up triggering the same problems as the increase in natural cortisol in the body. therefore it is necessary to use it under medical supervision and for a short period of time.


Natural ways to reduce stress

There are a few ways to keep cortisol levels under control naturally, relieving stress. I'll show you some ways that work and do great.

What are the problems of the lack of this hormone?

A lack of cortisol is also unhealthy. The individual may develop hypoglycemia, difficulty gaining weight, loss of energy, intense reaction to small stresses.

Cortisol deficiency can occur due to adrenal gland insufficiency. But this issue is a bit rare. However, the indiscriminate use of cortisone-based medications for long periods can cause the adrenal gland to stop producing cortisol naturally.

When the use of cortisone is abruptly discontinued, the adrenal gland will still take some time to return to the natural production of the hormone. This lack can really pose a great risk to the health of the individual, and may even lead to death.

Another reason that can cause us to have a shortage of cortisol would be diseases in the pituitary, which is the gland that commands the adrenal. Therefore, medical follow-up is necessary so that cortisone-based medications can be used in an orderly manner.

We can observe that cortisol is an extremely important hormone for our life. Through it we get energy to solve problems, have reactions in danger situations, and control our sugar levels.

It is extremely important that when it is necessary to use cortisone-based medication, it is done under medical supervision. The use for long periods can cause several damages to health and life.

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